Thanks to synergy in our technologies and activities we ensure the supply of your components functioning parts and assemblies.

Presentation of Compatech aluminium and zamak die casting foundry aluminium section machining sub-assemblies and functions.

To ensure the success and performance of your products we have integrated technical solutions for:

  • Study and design (CAD)
  • The production of the associated moulds and tooling
  • Zamak and aluminium die casting foundries
  • Traditional machining with in particular
  • Assembly of components to supply of sub-assemblies
  • Inspection and compliance of our production with your specifications
  • Packaging and logistics management


Thanks to synergies in our integrated technical solutions our expertise is recognized in the delivery of sub-assemblies combining parts from our die casting zamak foundry or aluminium die casting foundry and machined aluminium sections with plastic components cut and machined metal parts screws bolts etc.